Tamar Valley Truffles Case Study

Louise and Fiona are a mother daughter team who run Tamar Valley Truffles, which has been growing Black Perigord Truffles and producing premium truffle products since 2000. Additionally, Louise is the director of Marlou Pty, the company that owns Tamar Valley Truffles. In 2018, they were in need of assistance with their bookkeeping, which they manage themselves, and turned to Number Krunchers.

Prior to working with Number Krunchers, Tamar Valley Truffles had someone else doing basic Business Activity Statements (BAS) and other bookkeeping duties. When that person left, the company looked for someone new. Steven had just started Number Krunchers, but they already knew his name from his time at Deloitte, where Fiona saw him regularly when she went in to get mail and touch base. When their accountant recommended Steven for the bookkeeping, they felt it was easy to make the shift to working with him.

“We run MYOB and at that stage, Steve was really promoting Xero, but Mum didn’t want to change. Steve respected that and he wasn’t against us because we wouldn’t move with the times,” Fiona says.

Steven now does quarterly onsite consultations with Tamar Valley Truffles, where he checks their bookkeeping and makes necessary adjustments, lodges their Business Activity Statements plus employee superannuation. He also consults on MYOB processing issues and assists with their business and GST queries.

Both Lou and Fiona say they don’t like doing Zoom meetings, so they appreciate that Steven comes onsite to check on their MYOB for their BAS before he lodges them. When they have a problem they can call him and 9 out of 10 times he can solve their problem right away. On the rare occasion that he can’t, he’ll get an answer and get back to them.

With Lou slowly winding down from bookkeeping and Fiona not feeling tech savvy, they love the personal contact that Steven brings, and were very happy when he was able to visit them onsite again following the easing of Covid restrictions.

Lou and Fiona describe Steven as efficient, reliable, easy to talk to, and adaptable. They say they appreciate the personalised support and that he gives them what they need, adjusting to the systems they prefer to use. They say they are happy and content working with Steven and would recommend him to other businesses looking for a bookkeeper.

“Give him a ring, we’re happy with him.”


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