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What is Profit First?

Profit First is a simple methodology that ensures the profits of your business are a priority. It has been used successfully by thousands of business owners, in various industries worldwide.

By segmenting your money, the Profit First method teaches you how to take control of your finances and enhance your profits, whilst eliminating cash flow problems. It means there is a purpose to each cent in your business & you can make great decisions and ensure sustainable growth.


How can we help?

Profitfirstcertified BadgeAs a Profit First Professional in Launceston, Tasmania and beyond, we are certified in the Profit First methodology and take immense pride in aligning our business with Profit First. We have access to a worldwide network of professionals, tools and a resource library, enabling us to leverage this network to assist our valued clients to achieve their goals (both personal and business).

Cash flow management can be overwhelming, leading to stress along with all the other pressures of running a business.

By implementing Profit First into your business, we can ensure your profits are prioritised and that you are clear on how to make more money as well as how to spend it wisely. With our tailored assessments & advisory, we create the framework for a financially sustainable business that works for you.

We’re passionate about our client’s business success and assisting them to reach their financial goals.

Learn more about what how can Profit First help your business here.

How Profit First helps business owners

“I could not believe the feelings that I was experiencing as I was doing this. I felt control over our money. Even more than I had felt before. I then showed my business partner the home page on our internet banking and the list of accounts and pointed out the two new ones. I described to him what I had been doing and what it meant. Being able to do this gave us both clarity on where we sit financially, and also comfort that there was money sitting in the BAS/GST account ready for the next BAS or IAS”

– Natasha Hodgman, Hodgman Kitchens


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Download the first two chapters of the best-selling Profit First business book, written by Mike Michalowicz for free, here.

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Profit First, Stress Never.

Profit First 101 is your step-by-step guide to healthier business cashflow!

This is a 12-step DIY course teaching solo and small business owners how to implement the Profit First cashflow system for greater profitability and longevity.

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Let us show you the true Power of Profit First! Discover exactly how you can transform cash-hungry businesses into profitable and sustainable entities with Profit First.

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Mike Michalowicz

A bit about our Mike Michalowicz…

After experiencing early success in his career founding and selling two multi-million dollar companies before he was thirty-five, Mike was committed to sharing his method of success world-wide and so Profit First was born. With the secrets of his success, he became an investor and perhaps a little eager, Mike lost his fortune. Despite his setback, Mike was determined to share his Profit First strategy. Passionate to help entrepreneurs and their business’ succeed, Mike published his first book, Profit First. Full of strategies, case studies and formulations, his method has undoubtedly helped thousands of individuals around the world, regardless of their business size or industry.


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