Natasha Hodgman – Beginning of Profit First Money Management

Natasha Hodgman

I had to ring you to fill you in on our progress since our first Profit First meeting, and my personal experience during this progress.

Since our meeting I have opened two accounts – one for GST/BAS and one for profit.

Then I started transferring the agreed percentages of income into both new accounts.

I could not believe the feelings that I was experiencing as I was doing this. I felt control over our money. Even more than I had felt before. I then showed my business partner the home page on our internet banking and the list of accounts and pointed out the two new ones. I described to him what I had been doing and what it meant. Being able to do this gave us both clarity on where we sit financially, and also comfort that there was money sitting in the BAS/GST account ready for the next BAS or IAS.

I was amazed at just how strong these feelings were and had to let you know. As we move forward and implement the whole Profit First system I look forward to the financial transformation our business will undergo.

Thank you so much for introducing this system to us. I have no doubt that once the word is out about Profit First, you will be very popular!


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