Rosevears Hotel Case Study

Mick Acquarola

Rosevears Hotel turned to Number Krunchers for a review and audit

Nestled along the Tamar River, Rosevears Hotel is an iconic waterfront hotel. Since it first opened as The Rose Inn in 1831, Rosevears Hotel has built a reputation for its beautiful venue, its customised food and beverage options, and its outstanding customer experiences.

As the manager at Rosevears Hotel, Mick Acquarola oversees the entire operation, including managing the 28 accommodations, receptions, on-site bakery, the restaurant, and staffing. Mick already knew and trusted Steven Mulligan from his time at The Metz Cafe & Bar. Meanwhile, Allan Virieux, the hotel’s owner, worked with an accountant who also knew Steven.

“Steven has always been a character and we’ve always had a great relationship,” Mick says. “We get on well and can talk openly. He’s always positive and high energy.”

As with all businesses, there are day-to-day challenges in running a hotel, and Rosevears realised they needed an audit to fine tune their processes and make hotel operations more profitable. They reached out to Steven, who is experienced in auditing and reviewing hospitality businesses.

To conduct the audits, Steven used an app called Go Audits, which he uses for all hospitality reviews. He also interviewed all key hotel staff, reviewed the kitchen and front of the house, and had two mystery diners visit the restaurant and report on their experience. He analysed Rosevears Hotel’s KPIs, food costs compared to food sales, bar costs compared to bar sales, wages compared to bar and food turnover and control of inventory and cash.

Once the data was collected, Steven presented the reports to Allan, Mick, CFO Rae Warren and Chef Darren Brander.

Among the recommendations Steven made based on the audit:

  • Explore staff rostering and reduce staff during slower times
  • More thoroughness in checking food invoices against inventory
  • Implement pre-shift staff training
  • Improved accounting management reports
  • Engage a hospitality training contractor to upskill staff

“One thing was someone reported not being asked if they would like dessert, so we went through role playing with the staff about asking customers if they would like dessert. In October, we gave a voucher for the person who sold the most desserts–a lady sold 58 for the month, which was impressive considering others were selling 20-ish desserts.”

After implementing some of the changes Steven recommended, Rosevears Hotel recovered the costs of the review and mystery diner audits within three weeks.

“It was a fantastic report. It was easy to read and easy to understand, and Steven explained it well. It opened our eyes to what we should do and what we should think about. Steven is very positive and professional. He has a good vibe.”


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