Rob Burnett Case Study

Rob Burnett

Rob Burnett Case Study Callington Mill Distillery

How Number Krunchers gave Rob Burnett guidance with his finances and trained him on Xero accounting software

As a single operator, Rob Burnett of Rob Burnett Images runs a highly sought-after commercial photography company, specialising in commercial, industrial, and aerial photography. His clients across Tasmania and on mainland Australia come to him for visually stunning photography and powerful images that elevate his subjects.

Rob says his main business problem related to finances was a lack of guidance. Although his previous bookkeeper and accountant did their job, he found errors in their work that he had to correct, and he realised that he wasn’t getting the kind of guidance he needed. His bookkeeping was also out-of-date. Being busy, he hated focusing on the operation side of managing tax, super and GST, so those activities were frequently delayed.

When he wound up with a new accounting firm, he told the accountant he desperately needed a good bookkeeper. The accountant recommended Steven Mulligan, who he knew from Deloitte but was now out on his own at Number Krunchers. At their initial meeting, Steven told Rob that he needed to switch to modern-day accounting software and a modern approach. Rob immediately felt that he and Steven connected.

We clicked from the start

“We had a coffee and I just felt relaxed,” Rob says. “We just clicked from the start. I had a feeling that all this was going to work. I think his frankness is what I wanted. I gave Steven licence to get me sorted, and that’s what he did. He set me up in Xero and he put a lot of work into setting it up, and getting me set up, trained, and ensuring I understood it.”

It took 6 months of working with Steven for Rob to realise that his bookkeeping issues could be fixed and he could look forward to happy days. After 18 months of working with Steve, Rob says he’s a new man. His self-described bad habits have been fixed and he does everything Steve asks him to do.

It’s all taken care of

“I’m a new person inside because of it. There used to be a continual growling inside, thinking about tax, and super, and GST. The worst part of my business was the business side, and he’s taken care of that for me.”

Rob now pays a monthly fee and doesn’t have to worry about his bookkeeping. He does the invoices and payment entry, and Steven takes care of the rest. Instead of doing the books and sending them to the accountant, then responding to all the accountant’s queries, Steven manages everything. He also sorted issues with Rob’s financials so all Rob has to do is put his energy on his clients.

“Steven has a wealth of knowledge that I don’t want to learn. He has an accounting background and knowledge and keenness to keep up with technology. It’s parallel to what I do, in a way. I have a client who says, ‘I can take a photo, but not as good as you.’ I could do the bookkeeping, but not as well as he does. If someone were to ask me about it, I’d say let Steven at it, pay the money and let him do it. Enjoy the ride. He’s as honest as the day is long–if there’s anyone I trust, it’s him!

He’s changed my life!

“I’ve been really, really appreciative of the way he’s gone about it and the way he’s changed my life. I look back and I think it was the best thing after years of bookkeepers that didn’t deliver. Steven came along and told me it would cost me, but down the road it would be a good thing. It’s the best thing to ever happen to me. All in all, I’m very happy.”

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