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You know hospitality. We know accounting and bookkeeping. And we know how they affect your hospitality business.

We have hospitality expertise

Our expertise allows us to fully understand your circumstances and provide you with practical solutions to your financial challenges. You’ll get insights that help you make important changes immediately based on hospitality-specific issues such as food wastage, facilities, and equipment, costing menus, and portion control.

The Number Krunchers process includes:

  • Conducting a full review of your facility
  • Interviewing your staff
  • Visiting your site
  • Discussing your key performance indicators
  • Identifying issues in processes and financial management
  • Developing a plan for addressing financial challenges
  • And more

Get hospitality-specific advice from a hospitality-experienced accountant.

After we visited a hotel client and used our process to identify internal issues, we discovered their major issues included staff not upselling and too much food waste. We recommended staff training and the hotel recovered their fees in only two weeks by taking immediate action.

We examine how you bring in and spend money–are there ways to cut back on your spending without sacrificing quality? Are you using the right equipment to keep your customers and clients happy? Can you deliver on your promise? Are there internal issues that are costing you money?

Whether you’re looking for financial strategies to grow your business or are hoping to avoid disaster, we have solutions that can help you make informed decisions.

Going beyond the numbers

It’s not just about your accounting practices, it’s also about the technology and systems you use. We review and analyse your existing accounting and business processes, helping you streamline them to save you time, money, and resources. When you increase your profitability and enhance your efficiency, your financial situation dramatically improves.

You’ll also find your clients and customers are more satisfied.

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